All You Need To Know About the House of Glass Shatter

If you are curious to know about the house of glass shatter then you have hit the correct place. This article contains some of the most important details about shatters and can help you gain a great deal of knowledge about them.

Learn about Shatter

In plain words, a hog shatter can be defined as a form of cannabis extract that is hard and translucent. It has a similar kind of appearance as a piece of glass and is equally hard as it. Shatter is a type of marijuana product that looks very good and is extremely popular in the market.

There are many other names used for shatter and they are shatter wax, shatter weed, and marijuana shatter. The first shatter product came into public in the year 2010 and has been much sought after since then. There are beautiful pictures of hog shatter available all over the internet and is loved by cannabis consumers. This product is said to be very powerful in action and allows a consumer to vaporize their favorite strains in the easiest way.

A shatter is created by extracting essential oils from cannabis plants that are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and some other types of chemical compounds. The product is named as shatter because it resembles a piece of glass and can break and shatter just like a glass piece. The texture is completely that of glass and has a translucent appearance.

What is meant by Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis Extracts are a type of extract that is produced by passing a solvent through a pure form of cannabis that is ground perfectly. The solvent can be butane, isopropyl, hexane, or carbon dioxide. This process gives birth to the thick cannabis oil that is golden or amber in color. It has got various types of active chemical compounds present in a cannabis plant and thus works perfectly.

The house of glass shatter is the best brand for shatters in Canada. It offers a lot of discounts on every purchase and accepts online payments from the customers. The company maintains the anonymity of the buyer and thus can be trusted for purchases of any quantity of shatters.